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Sarasota Drug Rehab offers people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions and substance abuse problems the best addiction aftercare and recovery programs available. While many drug or alcohol addicts believe that the only addiction treatment they will need to use occurs over the course of only a few short days or weeks in rehab, the truth is that addiction aftercare is one of the major contributing factors in a recovering addict's successful sobriety. Those who have a comprehensive addiction aftercare plan have a much better chance at success.

What is Addiction Aftercare?

In addiction treatment, aftercare is composed of various components. It includes treatments that are available and recommended to recovering addicts after they complete their initial treatment in drug rehab. It also involves coping strategies, techniques, support systems, and skills established during the initial addiction treatment process. Call Sarasota Drug Rehab Centers to speak to an addiction specialist today at (877) 804-1531, to learn more about all of your various rehab and treatment options.

Aftercare is designed to provide recovering addicts with all of the tools, resources, additional treatments, and skills they will need to remain in recovery and avoid relapse once they complete their initial treatment. In other words, it is designed to be everything the recovering addict needs for lifelong sobriety.

How Important is Aftercare in Treatment?

Relapse is a far worse problem for recovering addicts who have completed their initial addiction treatment than many people would like to admit. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, between 40 and 60 percent of recovering addicts will relapse after completing their initial addiction treatment. The majority of relapses occur within the first two months and up to the first five years of their initial rehab stay.

These numbers alone make the necessity of addiction aftercare quite clear. The more tools you have at your disposal to avoid relapse and get help and support as you struggle with temptation, the better. When you are accountable to others and are continuing treatments on a regular and consistent basis, you will be less likely to relapse and lose your way.

What Can the Programs Teach Addicts or Help Them With?

Aftercare programs can help recovering addicts with a great deal of issues they may face when they leave the safety of the drug rehab center. They can also teach them a great deal. Some examples of this are:

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a specific set of techniques and skills that teach a recovering addict to recognize emotions and behaviors such as mood swings and poor sleeping habits that may cause a person to begin the relapse process and to develop ways to stop those issues from becoming worse through asking for help, engaging in productive activities, or attending group meetings (just as examples). Relapse prevention focuses on teaching recovering addicts to recognize the stages of relapse and to stop them before they progress to actually resuming drug use and abuse.

Family Therapy

Family therapy, whether during initial drug treatment, in aftercare, or both, helps to establish the importance of the family as a support group. It also teaches the recovering addict that their addiction did not just hurt them, but their family as well and those relationships need time and treatment to heal.

Addiction aftercare helps recovering addicts in a myriad of ways. While most people think that the initial stay in drug and alcohol rehab and a few support group meetings here and there are enough to get by, relapse prevention is what you make of it. The more you participate in addiction aftercare and the more strategies you learn during initial treatment for aftercare, the stronger your chances of staying sober will be.

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