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When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, many people are under the false assumption that all recovery programs are exactly the same. This idea of recovery programs could not be further from the truth. At Sarasota drug rehab, our recovery programs utilize different treatment models and philosophies and offer alternative treatments to provide recovering addicts with care that suits their individual needs.

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What are Recovery Programs?

Programs for addiction recovery are sets of treatments and techniques that are grouped together under a guiding philosophy or model of addiction treatment to help drug and alcohol addicts to get sober and overcome their addiction. The idea is to get sober and then to give the recovering drug and alcohol addicts the tools and coping strategies they need to prevent relapse and live the rest of their lives clean and sober.

What are the Models of Recovery?

Generally speaking, there are three models of addiction recovery that are used by the various drug and alcohol treatment programs. These three models of recovery, while unique to one another, are not exclusive from one another. This means that a single program for addiction recovery can and often do employ more than one of the models of recovery to create their program. The three models are the cognitive/behavioral model, the motivational interviewing model, and the motivational incentives model.

The Cognitive/Behavioral Model of Recovery

The emphasis of the cognitive/behavioral model of addiction recovery is to explore thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that underlie an addiction and cause a person to develop a drug or alcohol addiction. When a person comes to realize the issues that started the process of becoming addicted to a drug or alcohol, they can address those issues and develop coping strategies for the future to avoid future problems.

The Motivational Interviewing Model of Recovery

Under the motivational interviewing model of recovery, the emphasis is on the recovering addict's motivation and drive to be successful in their addiction recovery. The therapists who provide treatment in this model are less like tradition teachers or therapists and instead take on the role of an ally to encourage the recovering addict to think and discover the causes of their addiction themselves, as well as to develop coping mechanisms and strategies of their own to deal with those causes and triggers. The therapist guides with questions and positive reinforcement when the discussion is going in the right direction.

The Motivational Incentives Model of Recovery

The motivational incentives model of recovery uses tangible prizes and rewards to get patients to get involved in the treatment and recovery. Many patients who are fresh out of medical detox are still having a hard time adjusting to sobriety and are reluctant to stick to it and engage in their drug treatment programs. As such, the incentives offered under this model may be just that last little nudge they need to truly commit to their recovery and get motivated to succeed.

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