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Flakka Side Effects and Symptoms

There have been a lot of new and highly dangerous drugs introduced to the black market over the last couple of years. One of the most problematic of these is a drug known as flakka - a substance that is already wreaking havoc and destroying lives in both big cities and small towns. Sarasota flakka drug rehab centers are dedicated to helping eradicate the flakka epidemic.

When ingested, flakka can cause a number of serious and potentially life threatening side effects and symptoms. One of the most serious side effects of the drug is a dangerous rise in body temperature. Users of the drug often disrobe or exhibit psychotic behaviors as their body temperatures rise and they try to relieve the pain and discomfort. Emergency room doctors are already reporting a rise in patients under the influence of this relatively new and highly dangerous drug.

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Effects on Mind and Body

The use of this class of dangerous drugs has a severe impact on both the mind and the body. Users of these types of drugs, including both bath salts and flakka, often experience the signs of psychosis, including a detachment from reality, severe disorientation and other dangerous effects.

The impact on the body is just as profound with this class of medication. Hyperthermia is a common side effect of bath salts and flakka, and this rapid and dangerous rise in body temperature can quickly become life threatening. If you think that someone you are with is under the influence of this type of drug, it is important to get them to a hospital as soon as possible. A rapid rise in body temperature can be deadly, and prompt treatment is extremely important.

Long-term treatment is just as important for men and women under the influence of the drug. These types of drugs can be very addictive, and getting the individual into a quality drug treatment program right away can make a huge difference

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