How much does Drug Rehab Cost?

How much does rehab cost: Is there insurance coverage?

Rehab costs vary wildly, and really come down to budget. It is not all that uncommon to hear stories of celebrities spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on rehab, but this is not possible for the average substance dependent person. This article examines how much does drug rehab cost from service providers charge, so you can have some indication of what prices you face. While top tiered treatment centers run high into the thousands of dollars, there are some more reasonable options available. Luckily most insurance providers include some level of cover for rehab treatment, but it is very important to check first with them. The actual coverage amount can be very different depending on insurance provider. There is comfort knowing that there may be some rebate, helpful given how costly addiction treatment can be.

How much does drug rehab cost: Standard Cost of Rehab

Standard 30-day residential treatment can cost up to $20,000. There are, of course, some cheaper options, but generally one should expect a benchmark figure of about $10,000. Included in this cost is assessment and evaluation, meals, daily group counselling, treatment planning and access to some leisure activities. The patient will also have some access to individual therapy with a counselor on a weekly basis. To keep some sense of routine, these rehab options often include chores for the patient, and they do their own laundry. For those suffering from very severe addiction issues, a 30-day treatment might not be sufficient. The deeper that the addiction is, the costlier it will be to heal the patient.

For those with a higher budget, there are some top of the range facilities that cost on average of $25000 and include much of the same as the middle tier options. The difference is that these top line facilities have somewhat of a hotel feel. Maids maintain your room, do your laundry and look after the various chores.

Other Options: How much does drug rehab cost and the Cost of rehab?

For rehab options that don't involve inpatient stays, there is a reduction in the cost. Outpatient rehab programs suit those who want to undertake their therapy whilst also trying to maintain some sense of normality and routine in their lives. The cost of outpatient rehab ranges from $4000 to $20,000 for a 30-day program. For detoxification programs; that is the removal of substances from the body, the cost is about $600 to $1000 a day. These figures are still incredibly high and show us that addiction is costly not only on your body, but also on your pocket. So, is rehab without insurance possible?

If there is a plus side, it is that rehabilitation costs considerably less than incarceration. Addicts that commit drug related crimes are less likely to recover from their addiction in prison. If anything, many emerge with more intense addiction issues than before.

Some addiction clinics may offer some sort of payment plan to alleviate any large upfront costs, so it is always advisable to investigate these options before committing to a clinic.

This website can guide you or your loved one in the right direction if you are seeking a treatment facility. You can whittle down your options based on location and budget, which will make deciding on a rehabilitation center that little bit easier. Now all that there is to do is focus on your recovery.

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