Drug Addiction Denial

Signs of Drug Addiction Denial

When it comes to drug addiction, survival is the name of the game. Although most addicts ignore the fact that they are constantly hovering between a life and death situation every time they consume drugs they still deny this struggle for survival. Substance abusers are either lying to themselves or others about their addiction or standing in defense of it. The most dangerous place for an addict to be in is in denial. Denial leads to risk taking, isolation, lying, manipulation and efforts to conceal a behavior that can end your life.

The person an addict lies most to, is themself. And, while it is easier to convince themselves that they still have control and can stop using drugs whenever they want, it is not so easy to convince others. These lies make life bearable for the addict, when drug addiction has poisoned everything that was once sacred. Knowing the signs of denial is important so that it is easier to face the addiction and seek help sooner than later.

You may be in denial if...

  1. If you tell yourself and others that your daily substance abuse is just for fun or to relax and is not hurting yourself or anyone else. Your drug use may have started out that way but if friends and family are showing concerns about your current use pattern, you may be in denial.
  2. You still believe that you can stop whenever you choose to. This issue of control presents a major problem for people in addiction. As long as they believe this lie, they will not seek or accept the fact that they need treatment for their drug problem. This is the phase where substance abusers begin to hide their drug use and create a web of deception and lies to hide just how out of control the problem really is. To believe otherwise is to acknowledge that they have a serious problem that they cannot fix without help. Typically, most addicts will continue to believe this lie and stay in denial until a near death experience from a drug overdose pulls them out of it.
  3. You tell yourself you need drugs to help you to cope with all the pain and stress in your life. This is a lie that many addicts use to justify their addiction. It is also a lie of deferment. It basically implies that when life gets better, or when my circumstances change, then I won't need or use drugs. However, this is the failure to see that drug use has become a part of the problem. It has created for the addict, a disease of the brain known as addiction. Sadly, this is a complex life-altering problem that only serve to exacerbate all the other problems that the person has been using drugs to cope with. Because addiction is also a life-threatening problem, it very often is the biggest problem an addict will ever have to face.

Acknowledging that substance abuse is a problem is the first step to solving the problem. Accepting this however, is typically the biggest hurdle to overcome before an addict will seek or accept help. Recognizing denial for what it is, often requires the help of loved ones. As such, when family members stage a drug intervention, they are in essence holding up a mirror so the addict can hear and see the impact their addiction is having on themselves and the people in their lives. It unveils the denial shrouded in lies and makes it possible to move forward, towards recovery.

Drug intervention is a service provided by Sarasota Drug Treatment Centers. Families are assisted with the planning phase which should include making arrangements for the addict to immediately enter a treatment program after the intervention. Professional interventionists will also facilitate the intervention if necessary to ensure that the process is successful. When a drug intervention achieves its objective, addicts officially step out of denial and into various rehabs and treatment centers available for your specific needs.

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